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Welcoming our Newest Team Member!

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Welcoming our newest team member, Molly Jenkins!

Molly is the new girl on the block here at Simple Pixels.

She is the Support Specialist at Simple Pixels where she is responsible for tech and web support. On a mission to live up to our high standard in customer service, she is focused on improving our processes and broadening our services.

Molly spends her spare time taking up every hobby under the sun, performing in theatre productions, listening to Michael Jackson and The Weeknd (a contrast, we know).

This amazing chic succeeds at everything she touches, for example, she had over 80k followers on her wallpaper/graphic Instagram account when she was just 13 years old! She loves to perform any kind of music and enjoys a jam sesh any day of the week.

Watch this space… Molly has a lot to bring to our team!

SPF Neutral instead of Pass when SPF is configured properly

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Lately, we have been having an issue where an email is marked as SPF Neutral instead of getting a good old PASS from GSUITE when an email has been sent through the website’s contact form.

In our situation, we were using a 3rd party SMTP service that was integrated with our hosting. This service required modifying the SPF record to add an include statement, and set up the DKIM record. Great. Done. All looks good.

Everything looks exactly correct! The email was going out but going to Junk Mail. When we inspected the email it said SPF neutral, not permitted or denied, and not a PASS as we expected.

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Smith Family Speed Mentoring Program in Wagga Wagga

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Last Thursday we had the privilege of being apart of the Speed Mentoring Program. This was an event organised by the Smith Family for students from Wagga Wagga High School, Mount Austin High School and Kooringal High School. Mount Austin High School’s two youth programs Clontarf Academy and Girls@thecentre also had students attend.

Approximately 50 students attended and were given the opportunity to ask businesses questions and engage with them. The aim was providing advice on possible career pathways, job opportunities, study options and training. To hopefully plant a seed.

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The government stole my domain name!

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Well, stole is probably the wrong word! But an interesting tale nevertheless!

We recently had a customer who had a couple of websites that were developed by someone else, and these were hosted on some server space. We were in discussions about taking on their sites & hosting, getting their sites a bit more visually appealing and adding some social media widgets to the site.

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seo – what exactly is it?

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Too much tech speak? Let me put it this way. The last time you wanted to look up a hair dresser in Wagga, which of the following did you do?

1) Pull out the phone book (that was currently being used to sit your monitor on so it didn’t crick your neck), blow the excess dust of it, look up the index for H, find the page and ring the hairdresser with the biggest ad on that page (who would have paid handsomely for that ad)


2) Whip out your phone, and google it?

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Welcoming Bailey Poulos to our new team at Simple Pixels

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We would like to officially welcome Bailey Poulos to our team. After much demand, Bailey is bringing Social Media Marketing as a service that Simple Pixels now offer. Bailey has an incredible attention to detail, and a flair for social media marketing, campaign management, paid advertising, demographics, split testing – he is our main man when it comes to driving traffic to websites from social mediums, in a co-ordinated targeted attack.

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