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Phone not ringing? Traditional advertising expensive and ineffective? There is a better way.

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What did you do the last time you were looking for a coffee shop. How about a hairdresser? Or a sparkie? We can almost guarantee you pulled out your phone and searched for it.

Google Adwords

SEO is a longer term strategy. In the short term, Pay Per Click Ads are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site.

The problem is, Google are in the business of making money. Using their simplified wizards can end up costing you a bucket load of wasted adspend dollars. with little to no results.

We have seen so many businesses blow the budget without correct optimisations. Wasting money on irrelevant search terms and clicks. Missed opportunities by poor quality ads. The ROI being absolutely terrible.

Simple Pixels can create, run and manage your Google Ads campaign getting you the best bang for your spend. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & Google My Business

We understand the difference ranking well (both natural and local maps ranking) on Google can have to the amount of hits and calls businesses receive on a daily basis. Absolutely nobody goes past page 1 these days. 

What do you do when you see an ad on TV or hear an ad on the radio for a great pest control service? Chances are you forget the brand mentioned, then jump on google and search for ‘Pest Control [INSERT LOCATION]. 

It’s 2024. This is what everyone does. Forget the days of the Yellow Pages.

Simple Pixels offer Local Listing Optimisation and Onsite Search Engine Auditing and Optimisation. We can take a deep dive into phrases used to find your services (Keyword Research) and apply strategy to this. We also have content writing services to build your blog topics for a long term win. We have helped hundreds of businesses rank #1 for their service offering. 

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