We Love Using Livewire to Make Custom Web Apps

Laravel has recently released V3 of Livewire, and this software is absolutely phenomenal!

Here is super brief intro. Here is all the code you need to make a live search work. Our screenshot below doesn’t do it justice – so head over to livewire.laravel.com for an interactive demo.

The sheer amount of javascript that would need to be written to achieve something like this traditionally in Laravel to take care of initial renders, snapshots of the components and data sets going back and forth between the server and the client and updating current states is mindblowing now we have this.  Now all we need to do is tie the visual input to the data variable and it’s works as if it’s live – a ‘wire’ between the two and reflects accordingly. Magic 🙂

We can’t wait to use it more on our custom project software application development!

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