Is Squarespace web design a good solution?

You might be a startup, or have been in business for a little while. You think to yourself – I better get my name and my business out there! You ring a mate and they recently used Squarespace. Great you think. I should have a look into Squarespace Web Design.

So you engage a Squarespace web designer, and pretty soon you have a website that looks like everyone else’s. What awesome brand identity.

Next you think, hmmmmmm I wouldn’t mind if this site ranked on Google.

Ah too bad, but it ranks on Bing. That’s what counts…..

You use a CRM and for the one lead a year you get from your Squarespace website, you would like to have it flow in automatically to your CRM, you know, save some time!

Not to worry, it’s only one lead, I can type it out you eventually concede.

Finally, the developer that built the site realised they had a better chance at being a carnie at the circus. You are stuck for support.

Not to worry. You got a cheap website. You’d have to be stoked about that!


Completely tongue in cheek! We know what we are doing and won’t steer you down a product (Squarespace Web Design) that will hinder your growth. We know the investment into the correct platform makes all the difference in getting the results you are after. Let Simple Pixels help you with a proper web design solution!




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