Master your inbox! Here’s 5 Gmail life-hacks to improve your productivity.

As we were writing our latest Tuesday Tip (our weekly social media series, bringing you some of our favourite technology tricks), we stumbled upon some super valuable ways to up your email game! Here are some of our favourites :

1) Adding +1, +2, etc. to the end of an email.
This is the tip we outlined on our socials, and it’s one of our favourites! Did you know you can add a +1 to the end of an email to register a new address (that still sends incoming mail to your normal inbox.) This means you can sign up for as many Netflix free-month-trials as you’d like, and not have to create a new address every time! It also means you’re able to sign up for a newsletter and, if it ever becomes too spammy, automatically filter it.

1.5) This actually works with the domain too! and are interchangeable and work similarly to the above.

2) Remove promotional emails.
Unfortunately, most email providers don’t offer a bulk-unsubscribe option – however, there are a number of trusted tools that can help you out. Programs such as can clean up your inbox in just a single click!

3) Unsend messages
Don’t panic if you sent an email with a typo or an error. Gmail gives you the option to undo emails completely (however, you’ll need to set it up in advance). Simply head to the Settings cog in the top right, followed by General, and toggle the ‘Undo Send’ option.

4) Schedule messages
Getting some work done after hours, and don’t want your emails seen until early in the morning? By choosing the dropdown arrow next to send, you’ll be greeted with the option to ‘Send Later’.

5) Restore your contacts.
Did you know that Gmail automatically back up your contacts? If you accidentally delete or remove contacts at some stage, you can easily get them back! Just head to your Contact List, followed by ‘More’ and ‘Restore Contact’

Keep these in mind and you’re sure to have a tidier, more productive inbox – and, if you enjoyed these, give us a follow over at Instagram or Facebook for even more sweet life hacks!

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