Website Hosting & Maintenance

We know your business website deserves the best. That’s why we run it on premium unleaded.

It’s hard to talk about web hosting without your eyes glazing over.

But! It is important you know that our hosting is world class.

Forget the one man band saying “lets put your website on a cheap rack that I run”  – it’s your business for pete’s sake.

Host offshore? Best of luck when the developer disappears.

No “lets use CPANEL” – outdated bloat designed for 1990s web/email

Best Practice Only,  Australia’s leaders in WordPress Hosting.

The fastest website hosting.

Don’t be fooled by cheap hosting providers when it comes to your primary business marketing tool (your website)! Experience grade A page speeds with our hosting. Our hosting ensures that your website loads in the blink of an eye, providing a seamless and lightning-fast user experience. Google also care about speed when they rank you.

The most secure website hosting.

We know how much brand damage can come from a hack. Guarding against security threats is our top priority. With state-of-the-art security measures, we make it exceptionally challenging for any unauthorised access, ensuring your website and customer data stay protected. 

The hosting with the highest uptime.

Enjoy industry-leading uptime with our hosting services. Our servers are optimized for reliability, resulting in an impressive average website uptime that keeps your online presence consistently available to your audience.

Want to know more?

Why our hosting works.

As you’ve probably already gathered, our hosting plan rivals that of nearly every website out there. Overkill you might ask?

Suprisingly no. As we said, there’s three good reasons we choose to use this hosting stack – and all three have a direct impact on both client engagement, and the effectiveness of your website in generating leads. 


Speed & Scalability

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’ll lose 87% of your visitors. That’s 87 of every 100 potential leads that don’t even give you a chance to sell to them.

Don’t let slow loading times be the downfall of your business. Our hosting guarantees rapid loading, preventing the loss potential leads who might otherwise move on. Our stack provides extreme caching with webp image optimisation to get that A grade rating. Did you know… Google’s algorithm for ranking websites uses speed as a large factor? Cheap providers will cram as many sites as they can onto a server which drastically reduces your sites speed. Not us.

Our hosting is also built to scale with your growth. Launching a campaign that will result in hundreds of thousands of visits? No problems, we have you covered.



We won’t lie; any website can be hacked. If the government can be – we can be too. That being said, we can make it bloody difficult for them.

Utilising Global Edge Security combined with WP Engine, Cloudflare and Sucuri, along with our thorough Maintenance Plan, we prioritise robust security protocols to safeguard your brand. 


Backups & Uptime

Site uptime is critical. If your site goes dark, your audience won’t be able to find you or products/services. It doesn’t matter how good your products, or your business is; if your site is down, you may as well not exist. And Google will also see this downtime, and down the ranks you go.

Ensure your online presence is always illuminated with our reliable backups and uptime. We understand the importance of continuous visibility, and our hosting ensures your site remains accessible to your audience.


Server Statistics

1st – 29th February 2024

But wait… there’s more!

Website maintenance and updates.

We perform website maintenance for  WordPress/plugin updates as a part of our best practice approach. We handle all necessary updates, keeping your site running smoothly and securely.

Analytics and monitoring reports.

Gain valuable insights into your website’s performance with our monthly analytics and monitoring reports. Stay informed about your site’s progress without lifting a finger, thanks to our comprehensive monitoring services.

Email Services

In addition to all the standard hosting features, we can run your professional email accounts. We believe in 2024 these are no longer ‘optional’. These days a yahoo or bigpond account look incredibly unprofessional. 

Stay away from CPANEL email. We are an official Gsuite Partner and Microsoft 365 Reseller. We can sort this as apart of our comprehensive service.

Sound good? Our 350+ clients seem to think so.

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