Web Hosting

We host your website on some of the best infrastructure, and provide incredible speed, world class security and peace of mind.

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The Importance

Decent Hosting Matters!

Don’t be fooled by cheap hosting solutions for your main business marketing tool (your website). Often these guys cram thousands of websites onto a single server – which can cause all sorts of havoc.

Simple Pixels only use top level hosting for your website that provide maximum speed and maximum uptime.

Our hosting solutions are world class and use a variety of functions to get your website loading even quicker than you would expect (multiple caching levels, compression, optimisation and Content Delivery Networks for those interested in the tech).

We combine this with world class security mechanisms to stop your website getting hacked. Now we are not full of ourselves and promise a website can be hacked. If the government can be – we can be too. Side note – its very hard to continue to talk about hosting without going into too much tech babble, so if your eyes start to glaze over, skip to Our Work. However the measures we put in place (monitoring, backups, SSL certificates & Web Application Firewalls monitored by humans with malware rules constantly added to their firewalls any time they find a global vulnerability even before software is patched) means you are protected as best as possible.

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Domain Names / DNS

What's In A Name?

Believe it or not the name of your domain (eg www.simplepixels.com.au) actually matters when it comes to google ranking. We will guide you through choosing the correct domain name, and setup your DNS servers (another tech term) so they provide maximum availability globally. No, we don’t expect you to understand any of this stuff, but we do – and that is what is important.


  • Performance that scales

  • Optimised Stack

  • Advanced Caching

  • Content Delivery Networks


  • WAF (Web Application Firewalls)

  • Instantly block hackers

  • Virtual patching

  • Prevent DDoS and Zero-Day exploits


  • Managed Backups

  • Worry Free Hosting

  • Great Support

Looking to move your hosting to a better platform?


Case Studies

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Government Website Change of Hosting

A local government web system recently switched to hosting with Simple Pixels from their former hosting company located in Brisbane. The organisation had 6-8 users who often edited pages on the site each day simultaneously.

With our implementation of a dedicated VPS, caching stack, and tweaks, we managed to significantly increase both the sites public speed and their back end editing speeds. The staff could not be happier as their days have become far more productive!

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Local Wagga Agency Site Fixed From Malware Attack

In the past 12 months we have had a number of customers come to us with hacked sites they had built and hosted elsewhere. We cleaned up the malware on these sites, moved them to our servers, protected them from re-infection & 12 months later the sites are performing solidly! Very happy customers.




Our Work