Can I achieve a good pagespeed score with a WordPress Page Builder like Elementor?

It’s a common criticism that might have passed your screen once or twice, or maybe even discouraged you: WordPress page builders are notorious for being too heavy, slowing your website down to a snail’s pace. But before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, we’re here to tell you that with the right approach and some savvy techniques, your website can absolutely fly with the correct choice of builder and optimisations. Yes, we also thought hitting the coveted 100/100 score was impossible but proved this wrong.

Optimising Without Oversimplifying

At Simple Pixels, we turned potential into performance. Our very own, meticulously crafted site stands as a testament to what WordPress page builders can achieve. Forget the hearsay; our results speak for themselves—excellent page speeds, and a user experience that’s both swift and seamless.

It’s easy to generalise and say that all page builders are inherently bloated. But isn’t that an oversimplification of a much more nuanced craft? Building a high-speed website with a WordPress page builder doesn’t involve magic or wishful thinking; it involves methodical planning, an understanding of the tools at your disposal, and a bit of expertise—which is where we come in.

The proof? Visit, and you’ll notice the difference yourself. The navigation feels instantaneous, the elements load without delay, and the entire experience exudes professionalism. Now, is it sorcery? No. There are video backgrounds, photos, portfolios, and quite a large homepage.

Putting Page Builders to the Test

Having dealt with a plethora of page builders and countless configurations therein, we’ve gleaned that not all builders are created equal—and neither are the strategies employed in using them. When it comes to setting up your website for speed, precision matters. The selection of plugins, the optimisation of images, the minimisation of scripts—all play pivotal roles. It’s about deploying resources wisely, not sparingly.

Are we wizards at website speed? Perhaps. Lol. Once we saw 100/100 was possible, we have got mobile to 96 but just can’t seem to bridge that final gap. Sometimes you have to be happy with pretty damn good.

In Summation

The narrative that page builders slow down WordPress sites is, quite frankly, a one-sided story. With the appropriate setup and some sharp attention to detail, performance will not be a casualty to convenience. Remember That’s not just our benchmark—it’s a reality we want for every WordPress site out there.

Your vision deserves a platform that delivers—quickly. And under our wing, “speedy” doesn’t have to come with a side of “tricky.” It’s about making sure connection times don’t stand in the way of connection points with your visitors. We invite you to join us at Simple Pixels, where speed and sophistication go hand-in-hand—because your success is the real headline.

In closing, achieving top-notch site speeds with a page builder is not just possible; it’s a feat you can realise. The narrative has been challenged, and now, the possibilities are unlocked. Welcome to the new era of WordPress performance, courtesy of Simple Pixels.

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