Worried about getting hacked? Don’t be.

Worried about getting hacked? Don’t be.

All our web applications use a premium product called Global Edge Security. This is a cutting-edge, industry-leading product in terms of website security… but why do we bother when most don’t? No one else in town uses it – doesn’t this just increase our costs?

We believe your brand is important and worth protecting. We also believe your customer data is important and worth protecting. Website hacks happen every minute and can destroy businesses’ reputations in an instant. This isn’t even mentioning the costs involved. The latest data shows that the average cost for SMBs to repair damages can be upward of $120K per incident and enterprises $2M.

That’s a whole lot of money spent fixing something that can be so easily avoided in the first place…

Global Edge Security entails the following :

Deflect Attacks – Block threats at the edge (before they get close to your site!) and automatically update to respond to emerging threats.

DDOS mitigation – Imagine someone requesting your site a million times – this kills the server and takes your site offline. We mitigate that.

Better website speeds – GES increases site performance by up to 30% with GES-integrated Content Delivery Network

Your digital solutions matter. If you would like to know more about why we do what we do, get in touch!

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