Drag & Drop Builders – Making your website easy to edit.

Gone are the days of hardcoding websites. Clients today want a simple solution for editing their websites with visual drag-and-drop builders. And, though there are a plethora of website builders out there, the majority of them are full of bloat and severely affect web performance. We’ve demoed heaps of them – and there are none quite like Elementor Pro.

When designing a system or product there is always a compromise. What bits do we keep, and what bits do we let go? These have to be weighed up to create the best system.

So, why do we use this software?
1) It’s easy to use for our clients. We have mum and dad business owners building out extra pages, with only a quick tutorial from our team. Clients can take their site as far as they want to, with little to no web experience.

2) There is very little bloat. Pairing Elementor with our infrastructure, we’ve optimised this software for incredibly short page load times. In the past – this was only possible with coding solutions and no visual editor.

3) Drag and Drop Building. Feel like dropping in some Vimeo clips onto your page? How about a rolling carousel or a new product sign-up form? Just drag it in and follow the intuitive setup processes – all in the page.

4) Responsive View. Cool, I’ve designed the site for a desktop, but won’t most people will see my site on a mobile? One-click and you can preview and edit mobile and tablet views.

Overall, it’s a truly client-oriented web solution and one of our favourite tools in our kit!

Interested in a website where once delivered, you are not dependent on the agency for modifications? Get in touch with Simple Pixels today.

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