Out With The Old & In With The New – #1 Google Rankings

12 months ago a tall lanky young bloke approached me. A wizard at social media marketing he said. He was actually a really nice young fella with some big ambitions!

So Bailey Poulos started at Simple Pixels, and was forced to do tech support 70% of the time and we started our Social Marketing Department 30% of the time. Now, tech support is the true test of character along with knowledge acquisition with such a broad field of queries. Often technology changes underneath us, and like you all have probably experienced, can be a tad frustrating! What we saw – patience, kindness and gratitude towards all of our customers. And to top it off, the guy was a guru – I’ve never met someone that picked up this skillset so quickly – a sponge for logic and information.

So we started growing our Social Marketing Department on the side. While I saw his skill in technical support, this is where Bailey truly was a wizard. The problem was it was getting out of control. Too many happy customers.In the Social Media Department, we were seeing increases to our customer’s website traffic by over 100%, we saw conversion after conversion taking these leads from cold to warm to hot, we saw over a million impressions in the real estate game over a 12 month period, we saw an average 7 day property listing campaign get 450 clicks of targeted buyers for a super affordable price, we have seen people save thousands of dollars on google ads and getting far more clicks by managing their campaigns with finesse, and organic google rankings climbing to #1 #1 #1 over and over again.

This stuff works a treat for anyone needing targeted traffic and lead generation if you’re not already on it. Need an affordable marketing solution with proper results that are measured to increase your revenue? This guy is a wizard. So a real dilemma at hand, we got rid of Bailey (kind of).

Welcome, Molly to the tech support role! Wow, this girl is already kicking goals. We can see how much you will continue to care for our customers in the Simple Pixels way and we are enjoying working with you already!

Bailey, what can I say mate, welcome to your new full-time gig, we don’t have a title for you yet, but Wizard would be appropriate. Bailey will be taking care of Social Media Marketing, Google Ad Campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation full time with us. All the best mate – excited for our new adventure, and thank you for adding heaps to all of our lives.

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