5 Essential SEO Basics To Make Sure You Have Implemented By 2020


Google My Business allows businesses to register and list their details for FREE.

Think of it as a local business listing that allows your customers to find your contact details in a Google search, and locate your business location on Google Maps.

You will need an account with Google to register a Google My Business Listing. If you use Gmail for your emails, you would already have an account with Google.

Click here to learn more about Google My Business or alternatively contact our team on 02 6922 1169 for us to register your listing.

  • FREE to register
  • Incredibly effective for local SEO
  • Redirects traffic to your website


What is a Short Name? Google My Business Short Name is a shortened URL unique to your Google My Business listing. Short Name will create a short, easy to remember link to share with your customers and gain Google Reviews.

Short Names are similar to a website domain name whereas only one person can own that domain name. Therefore you need to be quick and reserve it before someone else does.

Create your Short Name by logging into your Google My Business listing, then clicking on the info menu option to find the Short Name field.

  • FREE to register


Reviews on Google set you apart from your competition. A lot of people use this a social proofing of the quality of work your business does.

Again, you will need a Google My Business listing which will allow anyone to view or leave a review.

To build up your reviews, why not email your Short Name to your top 10 customers to get the ball rolling.

Don’t forget Google Reviews are fantastic to add as testimonials on your website! They provide another sense of trust to potential customers.

  • FREE to use
  • Can set you apart from your competition when the reviews are both genuine and plentiful


A Google My Business Post appears within your Google My Business listing. A post has a word/character count limit but like any marketing platform (especially social media) you should avoid ‘waffling’ and keep the post short, sweet and to the point.

Posts are great for promoting deals, events, blogs and product launches. Don’t forget to add a link to your website within your post. You should be using Google as another marketing/advertising platform that helps direct traffic to your website which in return Google starts to recognise your website as a trusted website for SEO purposes.

  • FREE to use
  • FREE form of advertising
  • Assists with your SEO
  • Redirects traffic to your website


Is your business still making excuses and putting off joining social media? Have you been contemplating it but too scared to take the first step or don’t see the value? Potentially think it’s a complete waste of time? We understand the reservations. Unfortunately, the facts point towards you missing out on a huge audience. We have three words for you… JUST DO IT! It is FREE and you can delete your account at any time if joining the social media world doesn’t work out for you.

The 3 most common social media platforms used by our clients are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Like any business or marketing strategy, you need to do some homework to the best suited platform for your business and industry.

Do your potential customers use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or others? Keep in mind, it’s not always the business owner you’re targeting if you’re in a service industry such as web design, office cleaning or stationery supplies. Maybe it’s the marketing manager who goes searching for web design agencies, or the OCD clean freak in the office (ie. myself) who goes looking for the office cleaner and when it comes to stationery supplies, who’s not to say the young Gen Z employee straight out of school is responsible for ordering office supplies.

Are you still hesitant? Is social media an unfamiliar and scarry world to step into? Write out your social media policy and allocate the responsibility to one of your trusted employees who live and breath social media. If you don’t sign up today, you are likely to in years to come, so why not do it now!

Our social media guru, Bailey, is very comfortable in the social media world. He is always happy to give you some advice.

  • FREE to use
  • FREE form of advertising
  • Redirects traffic to your website

[/fancy-ul]IN CLOSING

Google and social media platforms are great FREE advertising and marketing tools for businesses. We recommend using these to redirect traffic to your website. Your website and its content is yours to keep (well, if your website was built with Simple Pixels, it’s yours to keep). You don’t want to be caught out storing all of your content onto a platform that you don’t own and could disappear tomorrow, or where the rules can change very swiftly under your feet. Use the mediums but always drive traffic back to your site, where you have a customer’s undivided attention.

All of the above tips are services Simple Pixels offer. If you’re time poor and can see the benefits of anything we’ve mentioned, please contact our office on 02 6922 1169 for someone in our friendly team to assist you.

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