Is Your Business Ready For The Corona Apocalypse?


Are you in a business that has been demanded to cull traffic or close your doors?


Are you trying to work out how you can maximise your opportunity to still do business while you’re waiting for this pandemic to blow over?


This unexpected disruption has really effed up your week. Let alone potentially the next few months. And now your brain is ticking and starts to work in ‘survival mode’…

We deal with viruses every day (though in a different style) and the best way we know how to deal with it is to take the appropriate precautions and minimise the impact.
Now is the best time to re-consider how you engage with your customers and let them know that you’re still ‘open for business’.

1. Edit your times and contact information on Google My Business.

If your business needs to temporarily close its doors I’d advise that you let your customers know. If you’re not physically at your shop let your customers know that you’re still contactable on an alternate phone number or via email. And maybe a quick message to advise them that you’re still trading online if applicable. A clear message will retain your clients and keep them from going to your competition.

2. Make sure your contact form on your website is working.

There is probably some good enquiry still coming in via your contact form on your website. Jump onto your contact page and send a test email and make sure it comes through. If it doesn’t there could be a broken link. This is easy to fix. Contact your web designer to have a look at this for you. And if you’re getting a lot of spam come through your contact form they can also help with this too!

3. Smash your social media presence!

Hey, if I’m going to be working from home, I think Facebook and Instagram are going to be getting quite a work-out! There are effective ways to market online. If you have a business and a service you would like to promote, target your audience properly with a strategy through Sponsored Ads. These are way more effective than ‘boosting’ a post – think about it as hand-picking your audience you’re wanting to get in front of.

And the best advice I can offer each and every one of us is to stick together and act locally through these times. The Australian economy is getting belted pretty hard and there’s a lot we can do to help small local businesses. Let’s help each other overcome this situation and look forward to the day that we’re confident again with the phrase “business as usual”.

If you don’t know how to get started with any of the tips mentioned above, feel free to give us a call on: (02) 6922 1169

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