What to Look For When Hiring a Website Design Company for Your Business


Websites have become an extremely valuable tool for businesses. A well-designed website will generate leads, create strong brand awareness, and put you above your competitors. 

You’ve decided that you want to collaborate with the professionals, that’s great. Choosing to engage a web design company is a rewarding choice, and if done right, will allow you to reap a whole lot of benefits in the long run. As websites become a more valuable tool for businesses every day, many people are joining the industry, which is refreshing, but it makes the decision for you harder. We’ve put together some suggestions we recommend thinking about as you choose your web designer. 

Your web designer has an active web portfolio, they’re in it for the long run. 

We’ve seen time and time again, eager people delve into the wonderful world of web design and begin creating left, right, and centre. After a short while, their hands become full and they don’t know how to handle the ongoing support needed to maintain a site. Believe it or not, a lot goes into a website, before, during, and after a build is complete. An active web design portfolio, full of live sites is a great indication that a web design company is committed to the long game. The sites they build can stand for years to come and continue to be supported. 

They listen to your ideas but come with their own as well. 

When engaging a web design company, you want it to be a collaborative effort between your ideas and theirs. It is their job, and in their best interest to create your site to perform well. Web designers have a world of knowledge when it comes to building a site to rank. A productive web company will hear your ideas, take those and expand on them to create the best outcome, tailored to your needs. Design companies will have a team of brains and knowledge, all trying to help you achieve your desired result. They are also there for you to bounce your ideas off, and offer advice on how to tackle any challenges that may arise or occur. 

They are priced accordingly. 

Talking about price can be tricky, we understand that. When it comes to a high performing site, you shouldn’t expect to be able to get it done extremely cheap. Although a higher price may appear undesirable, it is a good sign in most cases. Web companies know the cost of making a site work, and if they’re pricing their services accordingly, accounting for all of the time, knowledge, and resources they know it will take to get you the best outcome, you will know that they are prepared to put the work in, and that is why a price may appear higher. Of course, there are companies like Wix and Squarespace that advertise a quick, easy DIY site, and they sometimes are a great solution for people, but at a lower cost like that, you can’t expect these sites to easily rank or offer the same outcomes that a website company can provide you. How can they provide top quality without charging for top quality? 

They have a reasonable contract and terms. 

When engaging with a website company, you want to be working with someone reasonable in how they deal with your business, and what they expect from you. When you receive your quote or contract, if it is laid out clearly and easy to understand, that is a sure sign that you are in great hands. The process should never be confusing, and you should feel confident in what you are presented. 

They understand responsive design.

Websites aren’t just for desktops anymore. We now have mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and the sorts to think about when it comes to web design. It is part of a web design company’s job to understand this and to build accordingly. If a design company doesn’t account for responsiveness, they’re not worth your time. 

They design for conversions, strategic headings, call to actions, and page design layouts.

When deciding who you want to build your site with, an agency that understands conversions is where you want to find yourself. There is more to a website than just design. That design has to be built strategically. With good SEO, strategic headings, and the appropriate call to action, your site will see so much more potential from the ground running. A good web company should be building your site accordingly, allowing you to rank amongst your competitors.

They have a website maintenance plan or package. 

A strong web design company will have measures and maintenance plans in place to protect and maintain your site for the future. Think of a website like a car. It needs to be serviced regularly to perform to its full capabilities, not to mention to prevent it from breaking down or dying altogether. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and so are the tools and resources used to create and support websites. These need to be updated and maintained to continue performing. If your web designer doesn’t have a plan for ongoing maintenance, you may want to think again! 


The world of web design can be tricky to wrap your head around. With the help of a knowledgeable team behind you, your site will provoke meaningful engagement and offer valuable wins for your business. 

Ready to skyrocket your business?