10 Advantages of Hiring a Graphic Designer

You’re starting up a new business and money is tight. What’s the one thing you can give up? It certainly isn’t the produce, the product, the tools or the power…
So you might be thinking, do I need a logo? Perhaps you haven’t even thought about it.


But wait!


Don’t undercut the importance of a new and powerful brand. If you want to see your business thrive then the first thing you need to do is make sure it is seen, and seen well.


“OK. I’ll make a logo myself then, using on of those online generators. They’re free!” Well, I’m here to tell you that investing in ‘free’ means investing in poor quality, sameness and a forgettable brand. When you start a new business your goal is to be successful, and that should include investing in branding.


Here are 10 reasons why you should consider hiring a graphic designer instead of a free logo generator:


1.   It’s their profession


If you want a job done well, you hire a professional, and design should be treated with the same ethic. Though you may know
what you do and don’t like, a graphic designer can articulate why, and what will and won’t work in a commercial field.


2.   They know the trends


Buzz words like minimalist, retro, and bold all mean different things, but how do you make your identity match the right one?
What typefaces are in, which ones are out? Does the market prefer bright colours or neutral tones? A graphic designer knows
the answer to these kinds of questions and will make sure your brand meets the latest trends.


3.   It’s personalised


A graphic designer will sit down and listen to you, about your wants, needs and expectations of how you run your business.
They will create a brand that reflects who you are and what your business stands for.


4.   Standing out 


Standing out from the competition is hard to achieve but a graphic designer can get you there. On the other hand, cheap,
fast and easy design, from Looka or Canva is more likely to be instantly.


5.   You will own a powerful brand


A graphic designer will not only make you a strong logo, but they will make you a brand to be remembered. Iconic logos are
famous because they get seen again, and again, and again. A graphic designer will make sure your brand is recognised in
every medium.


6.   Looking professional


If you’re serious about your business your brand will tell that story. An exciting, professionally made logo not only looks good, but
will help make you look good too.


 7.   Lasting impact


A stylish, effective brand stays in the minds of those who look at it, and when they need your service who will they think of? You!


8.   Won’t have to rebrand $$$


Rebranding is time consuming, awkward and expensive. We advise that you set your brand up now and get it right because
planning to rebrand is like investing for failure.


9.   They love what they do


A graphic designer loves to create! They are passionate about what they do, and their joy comes from seeing your brand succeed.


10.   Supporting small/local business.


Before you consider paying an online generator or cheap overseas labour give your local designers a chance to see if they can help.
Not only will they provide the assets you require, but they will be there to help should you ever need them again.


Now I know I may be a little bias (coming from a graphic designer…) but I can promise you, image counts. Just think about all of the different things in your day to day that you judge on looks alone! How many times did you stop in the street because something caught your eye? That new pair of shoes or fresh hot cross bun?


Branding is a powerful tool in a world in this day in age, and not having one is like… like… well? I can’t remember.

Ready to unlock your company's potential?