Wagga Web Design – Why should you get a website developed and managed locally

These days, everyone is a web design / digital marketing / SEO expert. You probably already get emails to the following tune (typos and & left in deliberately!):

“HelloSir/Mam, Greetings of the day! My name is **** ************* CEO of ******** would be like business opportunity with you. We can execute the “WebDesigning & Development, Mobile Apps Development Projects & SEO Services” for you. Our expertise to work PHP / Iphone / Android technology. We provide “full responsive website for all devise Desktop, iPhone, Tab & Mobile. Do let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to share our methodologies, past working details and prices etc.”


Lol that was quite funny actually typing it out – I copied it from an email I got yesterday.

You’ll see a few more of these emails for sure, especially pointing out your severe website optimisation issues, and how your blog content needs to be published on incredibly high ranking sites that these wizards have access to.

Most people would never buy into this sort of marketing, but some will. If you click on these emails and sign up for an awesome price, go right ahead, just don’t expect any type of quality control. I could almost guarantee it will be a super frustrating process and you will end up paying their fee plus our fee to get it fixed afterwords.

I hear you saying ‘thats pretty extreme, I wouldn’t do that, but some of the big Australian companies are offering some good value‘.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome web designers around! And credit to them! My experience however with the big companies goes something like this:

Me: Hi there, something is wrong with my site, it is not loading and going around in a loop.

Adam: Hi Peter, thanks for contacting ******. Did you mean you were having an issue with your website or email?

Me: Website, Adam are you a bot?

Adam: I’m very sorry that you are experiencing that Peter. Can you please provide your 20 digit account number?

Me: 535352352352352354235235235

Adam: Thank you for providing your account number. All our specialists are currently attending other calls. I will be transferring you shortly.

Me: Hi Adam, are you still there? (20 minutes later)

Adam: Hi Peter, thank you for your patience. We won’t be much longer.

Me: Hi Adam, its been 1 hour and I am still waiting. PRESS END CHAT

Adam: Thanks for contacting *****. Please rate our chat.


Drives me absolutely crazy. Thats not support or service. So even the big companies are getting it wrong it my mind. How good is it when you can jump on the phone, have a quick conversation and solve a whole lot of issues. Better yet, next time your heading down to the Sturt Mall, pop across the road and get one of our guys to give you a hand!

We really believe that the pros to get your business designed and managed locally really do out weigh the cons. Yes you will spend more money doing this locally. But if you value your time and put a monetary figure on it, add up all the hours you would spending either fixing quality control mistakes or waiting in line, I think you would actually find yourself in front. You will have a hugely more satisfying experience overall dealing with people that understand what you actually want, and everyone has a win.

Another great reason is 3rd party verification. Again anyone can say we are honest, we do great work, yada yada. Any business in a small town should have some mechanism of being reviewed. We use Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews. You are gonna know someone in that list. Give them a call and get an honest opinion from someone you trust!

There are probably other reasons, but being 3 days before Easter, our emails are going off, with most of our clients asking for a hand turning on auto replies as they prepare in advance for the break, so I must go. Bring on holidays! We hope you have a great Easter.

If you are currently having any frustrations or hassles with your website or email service, we would love to catch up for a coffee or beer with you. Feel free to get in touch!

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