5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Logo

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of technology and accessibility, it is now easier than ever to create your own logo. With platforms like *insert name of business I’m not obliged to sponsor*, you can easily design your own logo without relying on traditional and expensive tools like Adobe.

However, what these programs don’t offer is a level of expertise and skill needed to make your logo stand out and endure the test of time.

We tend to believe that being creative is something we can all do ourselves while overlooking the work a creative professional brings to the table.  However, I ask you to consider if you would apply the same mindset towards hiring a plumber or a nail tech?



When you want something done right the proper approach is to hire an expert, and so I present to you 5 reasons why you DIY’ing your own logo may not be the right decision.



1.   Professionalism and Branding


Your logo and branding are the first signals sent out into the world to tell everyone what there is to know about your business. If it looks cheap likelihood is your business will look cheap too.

To appear professional the only solution is to hire a professional; someone who will come to understand the ins and outs of your consumer market, your brand personality, and your business.

Afterall, your logo reflects the kind of work ethic and services you provide, whether you like it or not.



2.   Not as cheap as you think


Many people often DIY their branding to cut costs, but in most of these instances, “free” logo generators aren’t truly free. As soon as you’ve fashioned a few free assets together most of these sites will hit you up with a paywall. Now your free logo is inaccesible in the proper formats you require.

Unfortunately, if you plan on using your logo in real-world applications, you will need high-quality versions. Although you may not be paying for it now, you will certainly be paying for it later when you’re forced to have the design redrawn or you decide to rebrand in years to come.



3.   Stuck in your own world


The most risky aspect of DIY’ing your own logo is the emotional attachment that can develop between you and your design. Despite this attachment, your logo may have flaws that you’re unaware of or simply choosing to ignore.

Ultimately, your logo requires longevity. Opting for a DIY approach often involves reusing unoriginal assets, seen ten times around before. Even if your design looks good to you, it may fail to resonate within the broader market or stand out against the competition.



4.   The power of good design


Design is an incredibly powerful tool when implemented correctly.

It can tell an audience a story, place them in another mindset and inspire consumers. Alternately, when a design is created badly it can become a joke (I’m sure you’ve seen a few), turn customers away and diminish trust with new clientele.

In the end, treat designers as you would any other skilled professional. If design isn’t your forte, it’s better to hire an expert than to risk what could be a long-time mistake.


5.   Practice makes perfect


Design is a process, one that often branches off into a hundred deviations with a hundred considerations. It is only through careful navigation that we can find the best solution, but how can you know what road to take if you’ve never walked down this path before?

What I’m trying to convey is that a designer has already experienced it all. They have gained insights into what will or won’t make an effective logo, resulting in solutions that an amateur might overlook.

When exploring the complex world of design experience and expertise matter. That’s why entrusting your branding with a professional ensures not only aesthetic appeal but strategic effectiveness in representing your business.


When it comes down to it no one can stop you from creating your own logo, in fact you may even uncover a hidden talent for design while you’re at it. But when considering something as serious as starting up your own business I would treat the logo design with as much respect as every other facet.


If you’re in it for life your logo will be too.

Ready to skyrocket your business?