Your Website Sucks, Here’s Why


Putting that aside, other signs are; your website is hard to follow, you get no service, and find yourself constantly stuck in a waiting line for changes. When you finally get these changes done, you are limited in design and content choices. Not to mention you haven’t had a website lead in forever. Or maybe you have, but you wouldn’t really know. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  

Creating and maintaining a website should be exciting, motivating, and profitable. This is why we love being web designers in Wagga Wagga and want to get as many working websites as possible up to speed.

Your content is all over the place, and your overall design is confusing and inconsistent. 

If customers don’t know where to look, they’ll look away, aka head to your competitor’s site. 

When you open your site, does it have a clear call to action? Is the message your site portrays clear to customers? Does your imagery provoke emotion and complement the content? If you answered no to any of these, your website may be messy and hard to navigate or lack intent. This will affect you heavily in the short term and long term side of things. A haphazard appearance will come across as unprofessional, untrained, and unreliable to customers searching for you, causing people to turn away before you even get a chance to show them what you can do. 

Your site isn’t flexible. 

A website is an ongoing responsibility. There needs to be adequate maintenance and flexibility throughout the whole process, pre and post included, to ensure your website lasts longer, performs better, and gets you results. 

There is no use getting a site built and having no access to it in the future. Without constant content refreshing, your site will become stale. This will increase your bounce rate and cause it to fall further down Google’s recommendations, as well as begin to get lost amongst new competition. Not to mention as your business grows, so will your services, your staff and your potential. Your website needs to be constantly reflecting this. 

Many people find themselves frustrated with the support offered to them after their website is complete. When you try to call for help, do you get greeted by the same friendly voices? Are you at ease and confident that the changes will be achievable in a timely manner? 

Your content has old information about your business and fails to reflect who and where you are today. 

You should be mindful to reflect any physical changes your business undergoes, online as well. A common example of this is if you add/remove services or products to your business. Ensuring you set up your site allowing for flexible design and content changes in the future is vital to the long-term success of your website. Websites are an investment, and it would be a shame to see that hard work fall short in a few months due to you not having the flexibility and control over future changes. 


When designing your website, consider where your business is at now, and where it will be in the future. A website should be designed with flexibility at the forefront of design and content. Design should be consistent and easy to follow, and you should have the ability to make changes as they come.  

Ready to skyrocket your business?