Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly

People often ask – what is the big deal with mobile friendly / responsive / adaptive websites? A few years ago – you could have probably got away with not worrying too much about it. But times have changed. Both Google and your users are quite unforgiving should your website not be mobile friendly. Below are 3 top reasons on why it is imperative your website is mobile friendly.

1. Frustrated users will leave your site if it doesn’t work as they expect!

With over half of website interactions now coming from mobile devices and tablets, (yes thats right, google claims that mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers), it is essential that a website is designed to properly work on a mobile device. Have you ever pulled out your phone, brought up a web page, and after pinching to zoom and read the tiny text, and then finding the search buttons don’t work properly on your mobile device, gotten extremely frustrated and given up? I do, every day. People don’t have the time or patience to stay on your site, when the next website is designed to work nicely on a mobile device. This will cost you in leads / sales.

2. Google penalising SEO ranking if your website is not mobile friendly

Google now assesses your site so it meets a minimum set of mobile compatibility requirements. This came in about April this year. Should your site not meet these requirements, Google will penalise your ranking on a mobile device. Makes a lot of sense really, if they know the user is going to have a hard time navigating your site on a mobile device, they have no reason to rank it highly.

3. New devices are emerging every day! Be prepared!

The best part about a responsive website is that they adapt to certain boundaries allowing different styles to display on devices of different sizes. The nice part about this is that should a new device come out with some extremely obscure dimensions, adapting the website to suit is generally an easy task for any developer. So future proof your website!


Now what?

Have a business website that is not mobile friendly? Get in touch with Simple Pixels today to get this fixed. For some examples of nice mobile friendly websites, check out some of our Website Designs for Wagga Clients from your mobile phone.

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