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You already run a great business. Let us showcase this to the world and get that phone ringing like it should be!

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Dressed for Success

Let’s face it – first impressions count! We will design the perfect look and feel for your website on every device.

Most businesses come to us to either increase their profit with solid leads and exposure OR to have a professional vetting for their existing market. The good news is we do both very well.

We bring business to your door by:

  • Creating a beautiful website that ranks well on google

  • Marketing your content and brand digitally in an incredibly targeted fashion

  • Streamlining your business operations internally with our custom software solutions

Simple Pixels can assist businesses that don’t have the time, resources or expertise to gain tangible results through online marketing.

Consumer attention is shifting once again as it has done before, moving away from traditional adverting forms; radio, television and print to a new and more personal form of advertising – social media. If your business does not have an engaging and creative social media presence, then you’re behind the curve, missing out on the most effective and inexpensive forms of advertisement and branding.

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Social Media Marketing

So, what is it?

Social media marketing is when you use social media for your business to interact with your audience. This will build your brand, drive traffic to your website, and increase your sales. 

Every industry will have different kinds of content to publish. Whatever it is, it needs to be informative and engaging for your audience. The results can be analysed, and we can adapt campaigns based on the results.

The best platforms to market on will depend on your clientele and where they usually hang out and expect to see you. For corporate organisations, you wouldn’t market on Pinterest, would you? The main platforms that are being used right now are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat.


Businesses started sharing their content on social media to get the traffic to go back to their websites – and hopefully convert into sales. However, social media has changed a lot along the way.
There are so many different ways to use social media for your business – listening to and engaging with your audience, using analytics to understand how your business is performing, and reaching a specific audience with social media advertising. This is what we call social media management.

5 Steps for Successful Social Media Marketing

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First, it is most important to look at what you want to achieve out of all of this. How is this type of marketing going to benefit your business, and what are you planning to use it for – brand awareness, engagement with your audience, or driving traffic back to your website? Social media will get people engaging with your brand and supports customers who use these platforms. 

But which ones do you use? You have so many between Tik Tok to Twitter – and all of them have a specific type of audience. Your social media marketing agency will help you find the most appropriate platform(s) for your business. 

And what do you share? What will attract your audience best? Pictures, videos, links? Should ti be framed as informative or entertaining? As a social media digital agency, we can help find your marketing persona and carry out the best approach for your business.

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Planning and Publishing

As a social media marketing agency for small businesses like yours, we will help you build your online presence on the appropriate platforms. Nearly three billion people (3,000,000,000!) use social media. When you do this right, that opens your doors to so many more people than a phone number in the local classifieds. 

Publishing to social media is pretty much as easy as sharing a blog, image, or video on your personal profile. The trick is to plan out your content with what and when you are going to post. Consistency will maximise your reach. 

There are several tools you can use to schedule social media posts so that they are automatically published at the desired time.

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Listening and Engagement

Before long, you will notice that people are going to start commenting, tagging their friends in, and sharing your social media posts. Some might even be talking about your brand without you knowing about it. You will want to monitor and engage with them, whether they are good comments or not. 

There are also tools available which we can help you collect all your social media engagements from all platforms in one spot that you can monitor easily.

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Analytics are what enable you to monitor the performance of your posts on social media. The data gathered allows you to see how many people you have reached, how many positive mentions you got, and how many people used your brand’s hashtag on their own posts etc.

There are serval comprehensive tools we use to delve deep into patterns of engagement on your posts. The social media platforms themselves provide a very basic level of information. 

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Advertising - Why You Need Us!

This is where hiring a social media digital marketing agency is going to take your business to the next level.

Social media will allow you to reach a wider audience rather than just those following you. Social media advertising platforms are powerful, and you can narrow down your audiences and specify exactly who you want to show your content to. At Simple Pixels, we will create target audiences for you based on their demographics, interests, behaviours and more!

Get in touch to get this running for your business today!  

Case Studies

Our social media marketing tactics work wonders in almost every industry!

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Real Estate Social

Marketing Home Listings

Simple Pixels understands the increasing importance of social media in the world of Real Estate, specifically for listing homes. With the increasing costs of the dominating portals, many agents are looking for a cost-effective solution that can likely perform even better through targeted segmentation. We have unique access to specialised data sets from large data companies and use these as tools to identify and target any demographic looking for a house in any market. We can then use that information and Facebooks advertising services to put your listings in front of potential clients, only spending money advertising to those who fit the potential buyer demographic.

Having this power when marketing listings will put you leaps and bounds ahead of other agents and ensures your listing is seen by potential buyers, leading to faster sales.

Here we have the statistics behind a marketing campaign we have done for a local real estate agency, with the goal of the campaign being to increase traffic to website listing (link clicks). This was a mid-priced home up for sale in Turvey Park, and we ran ads for 7 days. The results were:

Reach: 2497 People (Amount of different people who saw the post)

Impressions: 4987 (Amount of times the ad was in someone’s feed)

Link Clicks: 425 (People clicking the link in the ad post)

Ad Spend Per Link Click: ~$0.14

Total Ad Spend: $58.60

Demographics Targeted: Families with teens, investors, empty nesters.

The Google Analytics report shows that the total number of website visits (including visits organically) and traffic produced from social media provided close to 70% of all the page visits. Without Facebook advertising, the amount of traffic to each listing was around 100 per week (we were also running ads on other listings at the time so in the report numbers were not showing any un-advertised listings).

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