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These days, most people put more trust in businesses that use an email address that ends in their domain name, instead of a Hotmail or Gmail account like every other freelancer.

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The Importance

A Professional Email Is No Longer Optional

It doesn’t actually feel like that long ago when professional email was non-essential. It didn’t really matter how customers emailed you, it wasn’t that important.

Times have changed. Email is important. Records are important. Losing them causes more pain than it ever used to. Emails need to be easily accessed anywhere and everywhere. 

We have a lot of clients that require a proper email solution. This might be because their current email doesn’t sync properly across devices, their storage keeps filling up so they are scrambling to delete emails to free up space, or their server goes down so they can’t access email for a period of time. Not to mention the pain in the email setup (fiddling with a million settings to get the thing to even work).

Besides these hassles, we also have a lot of clients that have [email protected] or [email protected] and expect to do business. This immediately makes your potential customers question your professional integrity (we know – they should judge your business on its merits!) but the stats don’t lie. Customers don’t want to do business with a potential freelancer, but an established business. This one single thing can give you that edge immediately!

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Why We Stand Out

Our Email Solutions

We specialise in both email hosting for G Suite – Google Apps (we are a Google business partner) as well as Microsoft Office 365 email hosting. Choosing a proper email solution with Simple Pixels will just about immediately fix all those headaches we listed above! 

For example, if Billy was a plumber, then we would help Billy get [email protected]. Much better!

We can also organise migrations of your old email or redirects to phase out your old account over a period of time.

Our solutions sync across every device automatically, are a cinch to set up and are always available. Plus, with 15-30GB of storage space, you’re not going to be deleting old emails any time soon!

Google Email Hosting

  • Fantastic for web users, mac users and mobile users

  • iOS/Android compatible

  • Full access to G Suite

  • Our preferred option

Office 365 Email Hosting

  • Fantastic for users that have to use Outlook

  • IOS/Android compatible

  • Easy Setup

  • Full Sync between devices


  • Full syncing

  • Ongoing support

  • Migrations available

  • Add accounts as necessary

A lot of people think that email is dead and other types of messaging platforms have taken over – they’re 100% incorrect! The number of email users has been growing every year. In 2017, 269 billion emails were sent every day. In 2019 this number grew to 294 billion. By 2023, we’ll be sending more than 347 billion emails every day. 

If you want your business to show a professional email address and have some level of control over your corporate email communications, we can help you set up accounts with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite. 

Google's G Suite

Enterprise-level Gmail

G Suite integrates an enterprise-level Gmail management interface with Google Docs, Hangouts, and — depending on what plan you choose — a ton of online storage in Google Drive.

We have been using G Suite for years – it never skips a beat. If you are a G Suite customer, the level of support from Google is amazing.

  • Your domain name: Yes

  • Mailbox size: 30GB, 1TB, and unlimited

  • Spam and virus protection: Yes

  • Aliases: Yes

  • 24/7 support: Chat, ticket, or phone

  • Archiving and storage: Depending on the plan

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

You get all of Office, plus email!

Just to clarify, Office 365 is Microsoft 365. They are changing the name, and it can be pretty confusing! Home users will still get Office 365.

Microsoft 365 is all of the Office desktop apps, all of the Office online apps, Microsoft Teams, and you get all the benefits of Exchange, calendars, mobile apps and the rest. This is most suitable for Outlook email users. 

  • Your domain name: Yes

  • Mailbox size: Mailbox size: 50GB and up

  • Spam and virus protection: Yes

  • Aliases: Yes

  • 24/7 support: Chat, ticket, or phone

  • Archiving and storage: Depending on the plan

Keep in mind; web hosting providers can offer you free email accounts, and usually ones on shared hosting servers. This is IMAP (internet message access protocol) mail. IMAP will store your emails on the server to be retrieved by the user. This works well; however, you will often be very restricted in storage space – and keep in mind your website will be sharing this space! Once your inbox is full, you will have to clear it out before attempting to add anything onto your website.

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