Byrne Trailers

Seamless Trailer Customisation and Quote Management

A bespoke cloud-based software system meticulously crafted for Byrne Trailers, this platform facilitates the streamlined management of diverse trailer components. These components are seamlessly stored in a robust database, allowing for effortless modification of pricing, descriptions, and models. Leveraging an intuitive templating module, users can effortlessly assemble these components into a myriad of trailer configurations, providing an extensive array of customisable options.

The process of generating quotes is made effortlessly efficient through the selection of a trailer template, followed by the customisation of specific options tailored to the customer’s preferences. The system automates the calculation of the quote price and incorporates additional costs such as on-road extras.

To enhance user experience, the software includes a customer portal where quotes are elegantly presented as branded web proposals, ready for viewing and signing. This portal also provides users with the ability to track the progress of their orders once they have been completed.

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