An all inclusive cloud based business management system.

Developed for Southern Cross Contractors, Activelink stands as a robust business management system offering an integrated approach to organisational efficiency. This versatile platform optimises employee management with features such as a streamlined onboarding module, task scheduling, invoicing for completed assignments, and meticulous maintenance of vital employee documentation.

Beyond personnel management, Activelink excels in overseeing both incoming and outgoing inventory, facilitating seamless stock management. The system’s prowess extends to precise job cost calculations, ensuring accurate and efficient invoicing. Serving as a comprehensive customer relationship management tool, Activelink efficiently handles incoming and outgoing calls, recording them for compliance and auditing purposes, contributing to strategic project planning. In addition, Activelink employs automated texting services to remind customers of upcoming jobs, offering flexibility for date modifications. This proactive communication strategy enhances customer satisfaction and overall service efficiency.

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