Dr Camille Jardeleza

Dr Jardeleza ENT Surgeon


Dr Camille Jardeleza is an ear, nose and throat specialist treating adults and children in the Riverina. Dr Jardeleza aspires to earn a reputation that is trustworthy, ethical and of high quality through personally curated services.


Our mission is to procure a highly-reputable ENT clinic that stands out as a patient-centred and trustworthy practice servicing the Riverina.


Letterform and shape:

Creating a Silhouette

The most important part of Dr Jardeleza’s design was integrating her intitials into the silhouette of a face profile. Through careful linework and editing there is a clear and clean flow from the C (ear) through to the J (nose), and thus highlights Jardeleza’s specialist work and her identity in one harmonious logo.

Additional Screenshots

Some far too kind words from some of our awesome clients.

(152 local 5 star reviews and counting)

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