Is Simple Pixels the right fit for you?

What we do.

What we don't do.

We have the capabilities to build everything from small business web sites to complete custom coded solutions for business integrations. We would love to discuss your project and understand the kind of thing you would like from a website for your business.

Here is some information that may help you understand if Simple Pixels is a fit for your project. If you meet these criteria, it’s likely that we can help.

1. I’m looking a professional company to build my website.

Our specialty is a thought through long term solution for your business. We utilise over one hundred steps on our server setup, and then another hundred on our go live process. If you are looking for a backyard mate of a mates web hacker, we probably aren’t a fit for you. We have the experience of 15 years of website building (it’s true that Pete started doing this at the University of NSW when he was 16 learning HTML, which was just starting to become popular), so we know the traps and want to prevent you falling into them! This process is the best way we know to get you the results you are after.

2. My budget is aligned with my expectations.

There are many individuals/companies that are capable of building  template websites quickly for budgets of $1000. But our approach is much more custom for you and your clients. Themes definitely are not created equally, and can be an absolute nightmare to configure, update, extend upon, and/or customise. A website to us is a living and breathing entity, and we want to give you a foundation that will compliment your website in the long term.

The outcome is a website platform designed to perform for you. Our process is both robust and critical for the success of your site. Because of this, our custom responsive local website projects have budgets starting around $4,000 and larger custom coded national solutions can range all the way up to $50,000+. We understand the investment required to get you the corrrect result.

3. I’m looking for a long-term partner.

Simple Pixels is structured to be available for ongoing technical support, hosting support, email support, and marketing advice. While a lot of  web design businesses launch a site and then part ways, Simple Pixels prefers to remain available to ensure that your long-term expectations are looked after. This is why we build products that we can support tomorrow.

Do we still sound like a fit?

Fantastic, please feel free to contact us, or you might wish to book an appointment.