seo – what exactly is it?

Too much tech speak? Let me put it this way. The last time you wanted to look up a hair dresser in Wagga, which of the following did you do?

1) Pull out the phone book (that was currently being used to sit your monitor on so it didn’t crick your neck), blow the excess dust of it, look up the index for H, find the page and ring the hairdresser with the biggest ad on that page (who would have paid handsomely for that ad)


2) Whip out your phone, and google it?

Of course you googled it. That’s exactly what every one else does too, even when they are looking for your particular service! So SEO is really an effort to get you higher up the google list of results.

In our example, googling “hair dresser wagga” would bring up a few hair dressers. The first three are definitely going to get the phone calls and website visits. Page 2 onwards, usually unlikely.  (We do have a lot of stats to support this, but we won’t bore you here). There are a few different things to be aware of – google ads (paid), google local (local) and google natural results. All 3 are different and can be utilised differently. We will touch on all 3 of these in a further post as well as something called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

So back to tech speak…

In a digital world where people’s first action to find a product or service is a Google search, SEO efforts are vital and can be the difference between a potential customer buying from you versus your competitors.

There are various SEO tactics in which your Google rank can be increased to drive additional traffic and awareness to your website, potentially leading in extra leads and sales.

If you would like to know how we could assist your businesses awareness, website traffic and potentially leads through SEO, feel free to get in touch.

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