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Bringing Leads To Real Estate

Our social media marketing tactics work wonders in almost every industry, and real estate is no exception!

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Marketing Home Listings

Simple Pixels understand the increasing importance of social media in the world of Real Estate and specifically for the use of listing homes. We have access to information from large data companies as a tool to identify and target any demographic looking for a house in any market. We can then use that information and Facebooks advertising services to put your listings in front of potential clients, only spending money advertising to those who fit that homes potential  buyer demographic.

Having this power when marketing listings puts you leaps and bounds ahead of other agents and ensures your listing is seen by potential buyers, leading into more sales.

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Why A Simple Pixels Solution

Why Our Websites Are Special

Believe it or not there is a very specific art in building an appealing site that your potential customers are going to remember. It needs to feel simple yet have all the necessary information and work as it should. This is why our sites outperform our competition. We build sites to support tradies to local government, start up entrepreneurs to established ecommerce businesses.


  • User Friendly Design

  • Fully Mobile Optimised

  • Easy to Navigate

  • Adaptable


  • Easy to update

  • Built for Google

  • Ecommerce

  • Fully trackable


  • Ongoing Support

  • Ability to Update Yourself

  • Full Time Support Staff

  • Local

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What Our Sites Are Built To Do

We build websites for many different purposes, giving businesses a presence on Google, creating a platform which businesses can sell products off of, creating sites to stream live sports and events, or just providing on online means to distribute information to people looking for it.

We build most of our websites on the back of WordPress which is an extremely flexible web development tool with which we can creates stunning websites. WordPress is also very functional in the way that once the site is built, with very little training the owner can go in themselves and edit and change content on the site themselves!

A self hosted WordPress install is one of the most popular platforms for web development globally – so if you ever have a problem with us, the site is yours! (We doubt you will, but peace of mind is very important!)

We also offer custom development, and our choice of framework in this scenario is Laravel. This is when you need something that will scale to a huge extent and is mainly for  high load/use national and international solutions.

Featured Work

Nimbo Fork Lodge – bringing serenity to website design

Townhouse & Oakroom – Fine dining in the heart of Wagga, unforgettable food

Cadell Place – stirring up excitement for Wagga’s hottest new location

National Audits Group – Corporate website design for a global auditing firm




Social Media Marketing

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