How Social Media Marketing is Revolutionizing Selling Homes

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Selling a home can be difficult, I think everyone can agree a fast sale upon putting a home on the market is a great experience for the vendor and a dream for the agent. Knowing this you would think agents would be doing everything they can and use every tool available to sell their home listings. They predominantly are, however, a lot are also missing out on the opportunities and power of Facebook and Instagram marketing to sell homes, rather opting for more archaic and relatively overpriced methods by marketing primarily in printed media such as the local paper. While advertising a listing in the paper isn’t bad and can help sell a home, the potential to really outshine your competition is in social media marketing. If you don’t hop on this train soon you will be left behind.

Social media marketing really is a personalised advertising experience for potential buyers. Facebook knows a lot about its users and will show them ads based on what they believe will interest or be relevant to that particular user. So using this we can advertise property listings to users that are first, most likely to be looking for a home, and secondly show them homes that are most likely in their price bracket. This is incredibly powerful as it allows us to get the right property in front of the right potential buyer. In addition to this, we have the ability to display all the images or even a video of that property in high definition right at their fingertips, really showing off the beauty and character of a home.

If a user catches a liking for a property, they can instantly be taken to the properties listing on the website and check out all its other details such as price and more of its features. If they want to inspect the property from here it’s just a click of a button, fill out a few fields and an inspection has been booked. Can more traditional methods of advertising track down and collect leads as simple as that all at the leisure of the user?

You might think that marketing in such a way could be quite pricey, however, that is simply not the case. With as small as an amount of $70 spent on ads we can achieve on average around 6,000 – 10,000 impressions (amount of times the ad is seen), an extra 300 – 500 clicks back to the listing on the website over a 10 day period – and it is not uncommon for these numbers to be even higher depending on the popularity of the home. Following is a screenshot of some results for an average performing listing we ran a campaign for:

An extra 5,128 specifically targeted people saw this ad,  with 581 of those people visiting the listing on the website. In total 9 people enquired about this property over a 10 day period, 9 leads which wouldn’t have existed without this targeted ad.

And here is the total of web traffic the same listing received throughout the month February, the ad running from the 7th to the 17th of February. You can see a very clear and large spike in people visiting the listing on the website in the duration the ad was active.

For a real estate agency, this is incredibly affordable, as it is often a vendor paid extra to gain greater exposure for the home listing, significantly increasing the chance of a sale. Pricing can be tailored specifically for different properties and different vendor budgets, so there is an option for everyone.

Here at Simple Pixels we strongly believe in the power of social media marketing especially in selling property listings, having both the experience and data to back up our claims. If you are a Real Estate Agency that wants to stay ahead of the curve, get in touch with bailey – bailey@simplepixels.com.au – to organize a meeting and strategize what we can do specifically to help your agency sell your vendor’s property listings.

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