3 Tips For Upscaling Your Business With Web Design In Wagga

Every business owner is constantly searching for ways to expand and build a larger, more developed brand – which is where web design comes into the fold. You may be thinking, ‘Well Simple Pixels, you’re just saying that because you work with web design in Wagga’ and you wouldn’t be wrong! But we do have a few good reasons to back up our claims.

No doubt is there a thousand other voices across the internet discussing the ins and outs of building and upscaling a business using a variety of tactics, and theories. While there is some credence in these theories, they are often convoluted and can take time, especially compared to the immediate changes felt from a fresh web design.

So, let’s get back to basics. Here’s some good tips, tricks and tactics for upscaling a business using simple and effective web design.

3 Tips For Upscaling Your Business With Web Design In Wagga

#1 Keeping It Simple

Keeping your overall site’s look and feel as simple as possible sounds contradictory, especially given the number of tools we’ve got at our disposal. However, there’s a time and place for each of these facets, and not every site needs to have everything in order to be exactly what your customers need.

When upscaling a business, the chances are you’ll be blasting out a lot of potential leads to bring in new sets of eyes. There’s nothing worse than having a confusing website as the first thing your new clients see.

Good web design is often intertwined with the concept of keeping things simple, easy to read, and to the point wherever possible. Client’s have a very low tolerance for confusion these days which should be kept in mind.

#2 Have A Blanket Aesthetic Across The Board

This falls into your branding as much as it does with your web design. Branding is how your company will be perceived, a commonality that exists in the perception and image you’re portraying to your clients. Iconography, colour palates, even certain fonts have a part to play in the way your company is perceived.

We’ve worked with a number of companies on their web design in Wagga that have had conflicting signals being sent out with regards to their image. From different icons on social media and their sites to outright different colours being associated altogether with the company on the site itself.

Small inconsistencies like this can truly have devastating impacts on the potentiality of expansion and scalable acumen. So, what to do about it? Have a theme in mind from the get-go, have your iconography, colour palettes, font profiles – everything in a uniform state.

#3 Images | Videos | Become Multi-Media

Who doesn’t love a pretty picture to look at? Especially if they’re associated with your company. We’ve seen some beautiful examples of impactful web design that employ effective and useful imagery, resulting in an extremely low bounce rate. Punchy videos, informative imagery and interesting multi-media within a website, all contribute to a potent potential for easier expansion for your business.

After all, having sharable content that is informative and relevant is worth its weight in gold.

The Simple Pixels Solution

So, this is where we come in, Simple Pixels has handled web design in Wagga and for companies around the country – assisting them in excelling with their digital presence. Our team of dedicated designers and inventive individuals have helped companies expand their horizons and scale up in the world.

If you’re curious, want to learn more, or simply want to ask us about web design in Wagga, contact us here!


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