A little trick when working with Fusion Builder – a WordPress Theme Builder.

When trying to copy an element from one page to another, there is no obvious way to do this. For example, I have a Tab Element and I wish to copy it to another page.

The quickest way I found to do this was

  1. On your source page, switch to the default editor (instead of Fusion Builder)
  2. Search for the appropriate code (in my case – I searched for “tab”)
  3. When finding the tag (surrounded by square brackets) fusion_tabs, select the code between the start and end tag (/fusion_tabs) and copy this code.
  4. Go to your destination page, switch to the default editor, and paste the code in*

*You must have some knowledge of the layout of the code in order to place this in the correct spot. If unsure, before switching to default view in step 4, create an empty Tab Element, and save the page. Then find and replace this tab element with the code copied from step 3.

Warning – this can quite easily break your page if not done correctly. Proceed with caution!