Need to keep your PC clean? Viruses, malware and dodgy add ons can often cause most of the problems, but sometimes your PC can become full of unwanted files and a bloated registry, so I thought I’d share a program I use daily in my toolkit.


A fantastic program – developed by a company known as Piriform, this program at the least gets rid of unwanted files from your PC (temporary files where malware can often reside) as well as clean unnecessary  windows registry entries.

I have run into problems where Windows does something stupid like crash out when trying to load a digital certificate.

After exploring all options, resetting Internet Explorer, running all software updates, enabling and disabling plugins and antivirus, a clean with CCleaner did the trick.

I often use it in combination with a program called Malwarebytes to give a PC a quick yet thorough clean.

Give it a try today, you won’t be disappointed!