Im the proud new owner of a 2015 Apple TV.

As I was anticipating, Plex is now available as an App on the Apple TV. This allows me to stream Movies, TV Shows and Music that I’ve stored on my NAS (Synology DS415) which runs a Plex Server. I believe it is the ultimate home streaming device – and a lot more user friendly then using a Mac mini to do a similar job.

Advantages of this setup:

  • Computer/ipads/iphones does not need to be on to send a movie to the Apple TV. No AirPlay, chrome casts, etc.
  • The new Apple TV is incredibly fast with loading movies and skipping scenes, even via wifi.
  • I have the best of all worlds, paid content via iTunes, Netflix streaming, and ability to play anything I have downloaded, all from one interface and remote.
  • And the SIRI remote controls the TV volume too! Only need to find 1 lost remote now before I can watch the new episode of Suits!

To set this up on the Synology I had to manually run a package update on Plex Server (which Im sure will be a standard update soon). This was very painless, and no Apple TV jailbreaking required.

Love it!